1- No Bashing of anyone or their vehicle

In the car world, difference of opinion will always be present. You have the right to this opinion, but you will remain respectful and keep said opinions to yourself.

2- All members cars should stand out.

Cars should be able to get picked out from a distance as being your specific car. Our ride should reflect our personality and the passion of cars.

3- No car horseplay

This one is a no brainer. Showing off by reving excessively, spinning tires etc is not permitted. If you want to play do it outside of events/meets. Actions like that make us unwelcome at businesses.

4-Members that change their entry car

Members who gain entry with a car and decide to sell will be required to have the new one assessed before being allowed to stay as a member.

5- Late Model Cars

Require a minimum of 3 modifications from being stock. Performance, custom parts, custom paint accenting are good examples. Certain cars will be considered if they are a performance model and leave the factory with performance and car enthusiasts in mind.

6- Classic Cars (25 years or older)

Classic cars are exempt from being required to have modifications if pride of ownership is obvious (good shape, all original, restoration etc)

7-Good crew mentality

Members should be positive with other members. We are a club and expect members to get along. If we stay focused with a club mindset, we can accomplish our goals.

8- No bullying- No violence- No vandalism

Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn’t allowed and violence will not be tolerated. Dismissal from group will be immediate.

9- To maintain active membership

You must attend 1 Charity event or 3 Friday meets every 12 months or your membership will be considered invalid.

10- No Refunds

If you are removed from the group due to any rule breaking, no refunds will be issued.